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Type Simple Run off the River
Latitude 27° 31' 46'' to 27° 34' 00'' N
Longitude 87° 48' 20'' to 87° 51' 38'' E
River Ghunsa Khola
Catchment area at intake site 726.75 km²
Design flood at intake (Q100) 880.00 m³/s
Flood at intake (Q10,000) 1442.00 m³/s
General Hydraulics
Gross head 432.00 m
Net head 425.55 m
Design flow Q43 21.28 m3/s
Upstream Pond Level 1947.0 m
C/L of Machine 1515.0 m
High Flood Level at Head works (Q100) 1951.50 m
River Diversion Arrangement
Monsoon flood (5 Year Return Period) 502 m³/s
Coffer Dam Type Rock fill Dam
Diversion Tunnel
Length 288.0 m
Type and Finished Size D- shaped, 6.5 m x 6.5 m with gate at inlet
Bed Slope 1 in 40
Diversion Weir
Type Un-gated weir and under sluice
Undersluice 2 Nos., 4.5 m (W) x 4.5 m (H), Radial Gated
Spillway Un-gated, 35 m wide
Type Well type side intake with trash rack
Size of opening 2 Nos., 3.1 m (W) x 3.1 m (H)
Trash rack opening 4 Nos., 3.5 m (W) x 3.5 m (H)
Connecting Tunnels
Shape D- Shaped
Size (width x height) 3.10 m x 3.10 m
Length 155.60 m (Connecting Tunnel #1)
112.80 m (Connecting Tunnel #2)
Desilting Chambers
Type Underground
Size (nos x length x width x height) 2 No - 62 m x 11.5 m x 14.65 m
Particle size to be removed 0.2 mm with > 90 % trapping efficiency
Silt Flushing Arrangement
Flushing operation mode Continuous
Silt Flushing Tunnel, SFT (Shape, Dia) D-Shape, 3.9 m x 3.9 m
Length of SFT 234.34m
Slope 1 in 50
Flushing Gate Chamber
Type &Size (Length x width x height) D-Shape, 13 m x 10.0 m x 15.5 m
Silt Flushing Gate
Bonnet type hydraulically operated (No. x width x height) 2.0 x 1.5 m x 2.0 m
Link Tunnels to HRT
Shape D- Shaped
Size (width x height) 3.90 m x 3.90 m
Length 88.79 m
Headrace Tunnel
Shape D- Shaped
Length 4319 m
Size (width x height) 3.90 m x 3.90 m
Lining Concrete
Flow Velocity 1.57 m/s
Bed Slope 1 in 160.0
Construction Adits
Number, Length 4 Nos.,A1=186m,A2=241m,A3=305m,A4=133m
Shape and Size (width x height) D- shaped, 4.5 m X 4.5 m
Surge Shaft
Type Simple Orifice, Concrete lined
Internal diameter 6.0 m
Height 56.4 m
PRESSURE SHAFT (Underground)
Type & Diameter Circular Steel Lined, 3.0 m
Length 626.3 m
Construction Adit 1 No, 4.5m D shape, 300 m long at El 1715m
Velocity at design discharge 3.01 m/s
Unit Penstock
No. of Unit Penstock 3
Total Length 35.78 m (Unit- 1 & 3)
30.00 m (Unit- 2)
Type and Diameter Circular Steel Lined, 1.70 m
Power House Cavern
Type Underground
Length x Width x Height 84.00 m x 16.0 m x 36.00 m
C/l of Turbine 1515.00 m
MIV Floor 1513.00 m
Turbine Floor 1516.50 m
Generator Floor 1520.85 m
Service Bay Floor 1525.40 m
Transformer and GIS Cavern
Type Underground
Length x Width x Height 80.00 m x 13.0 m x 25.50 m
Transformer Floor 1525.40 m
GIS Floor 1534.06 m
Main Access Tunnel (MAT)
Length 201.18 m
Type and Excavated Size D- shaped, 7.0 m x 7.0 m
Cable Cum Ventilation Tunnel (CVT)
Length 201.18 m
Type and Excavated Size D- shaped, 4.5 m x 4.5 m
Tailrace Tunnel & Outfall Structure
TRT Length 650.00 m
Type and Excavated Size D- shaped, 4.5 m x 4.5 m
Gate Size at outfall (Width x Height) 3.9 m x 3.9 m
Slope 0.493055556
Type of flow Free Flow
Velocity 2.63 m/s
Generation Plant
Turbine Type Pelton
Number 3
Rated Capacity 25.80 MW
Rated Net Head 425.55 m
Rated Discharge 7.09 m³/s
Speed 375 rpm
Number 3
Rated Capacity 29.2 MVA
Voltage 11 kV
Total Energy Output at Generator Terminals
At Normal Load 458.58 GWh
Transformer tYPE Single Phase
Number 9 + 1 spare